PixInsight versi RC6 Ripley sudah keluar

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Bagi pengguna perisian astrofotografi, PixInsight, versi RC6 Ripley untuk Linux, Mac OS X, dan Windows, sudah keluar.

Boleh lah muat turun sekarang.

Berikut merupakan petikan email daripada pembangun perisian berkenaan:

** New Features

This is a partial list of new features exclusive to PixInsight 1.8.0 RC6:

* Integration of the SpiderMonkey 17 JavaScript engine. This is the same engine that was included in Mozilla Firefox 17. It means faster, more stable and secure scripts, with full support for the latest JavaScript language standard in PixInsight (ECMAScript 5).

* Improved touch event support on image windows (track pads, touch screens):

– Pinch gestures: Touch with two fingers and pinch or expand to zoom out/in.

– Pan gestures: Press and hold the spacebar key, touch with one finger and swipe in the desired direction to pan the view.

* Improved mouse wheel support on Mac OS X. In previous versions, high resolution devices were difficult to use. Now PixInsight adapts automatically to the rotational resolution of each device, including touch mouse devices such as Apple’s Magic Mouse.

* Masked images are now highlighted with special view selector colors.

* New versions of the ImageSolver, AnnotateImage and AperturePhotometry scripts by Spanish software developer Andrés del Pozo. The plate solver script can now correct for arbitrary distortions, which makes it much more accurate than previous versions.

* Many bug fixes and stability improvements.

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